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Friday, February 21, 2020

One Of My Awesome Trips - Dubai Desert Safari Experience

Hi readers, I am an epic traveler and love to wander a lot, in fact hardly leave any chance to travel. One of the great times to visit different countries and explore distinct cultures is winter vacations. So, I planned a trip to Dubai in the UAE on Christmas in 2019 and I planned to celebrate New Year's Eve there as well. 

I can bet that this was one of the luxurious and wonderful trips. Dubai is said to be lavish for a reason that I came to know after my trip only. No doubt, Dubai is known for its amazing infrastructure, but also for its tough rules. This is the reason why I took the assistance of a reliable company known as Desert Safari UAE. This travel management company was recommended by my friend who is also a solo traveler like me. He got all the necessary advice, package and guidance for his Dubai excursion from them. That makes me choose them as all. Undoubtedly, their professionals are one of the keen personnel I have witnessed so far.

 My Enjoyable Days in Dubai


My main motive was to enjoy the real desert safari so I took their exclusive package and was all set to dive into a unique experience. I was pretty impressed by the hotel I got to live in during my trip like it was very ambitious with all the luxury amenities. The very first day, I wanted to visit Burj Khalifa-The the tallest attraction in Dubai! Yes, it was an amazing experience to be there and have a gaze on the whole Dubai city from such a great height. The next thing I did the same day was the endless shopping in the Dubai Mall. I personally love to do shopping it is like my hobby.

Then the second day my plan was to be in the sand dunes. It was an evening desert safari, so their pro driver picked me up and drop me to the desert. I must say it was a very convenient and safe luxurious ride in a 4×4 car. 

Guys, this was my first ever visit a desert and I was so mesmerized by the sights. Like the Sunset was like the cherry on the top and city around was so much intriguing. Then, I decided to have a wander and get a dune bashing experience. Wildlife is something that I really fall for and those rare species don't leave any chance to get my whole attention.

My first-time Experiences - 

It was my first time to see those Arabian Oryx and Gazelles. I was continuously considering myself lucky to click pictures of such rare animals and this overall desert experience. Not just animals but I also went to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to spot more animals and to know about the local flora. I personally liked Miswak and Fire Bush and was interested to get into the details. Then, finally, the time was for the heart pumping and fun activities- Quad biking and Hot Air balloon ride. It was fun to try out these two things, but I was scared a bit at first. However, my inner adventurous person pushed me to jump into it and just enjoy the ride. 

Talking about the deserts and how can I forget to mention about the Bedouin lifestyle. Honestly, the Arabian people live a very authentic and rich life with all the traditions packed in it. I got an idea of how do the ancient people used to travel and what were the challenges. The Camel was the only means for them to travel from one place to another. But, now with innovation Camel riding is a fun activity. Also, bedouin camping with exclusive delicacies with great entertainment gave me a fantastic feeling. I was amazed to see demonstrations by the Falcons, owls, and hawks. Also, belly dancing and fire show did not leave any stone unturned to let me enjoy the time in the camp.

Highly Recommended Awesome Solo Trip - 

If someone is going to ask me about the overall Dubai desert safari, I would define it as a mesmerizing excursion with all the desired amount of luxury. Totally worth it for my money. I highly recommend all my fellow solo travels to go and have a great trip like never before. Dubai desert safari, I am surely coming back for all the lavish and rich enjoyment.

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